Doncaster Archives

Doncaster Archives on King Edward Road, Balby, is now closed owing to preparation work for relocation. The archival collections, previously on-site at the Archives, have gone into storage outside the borough of Doncaster and as such are inaccessible. Although we cannot carry out any enquiry work from the archives records we can offer advice and assistance with your general enquiries.

Get in touch with Doncaster Archives by email on for enquiries relating to research or archival records and we’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Introduction to the Archives

Doncaster Archives collects and preserves the Doncaster district's heritage of historial documents and makes it available to members of the public. Records range in date over eight hundred years from the 1190s to the 2000s. Amongst them are records of businesses, charities, courts, churches, hospitals, schools, local authorities, political parties, trade unions, local societies and smaller collections of records of all descriptions. 


For full details about our Archives servcies please visit our Doncaster Archives website

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