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Doncaster Archives on King Edward Road, Balby, is now closed owing to preparation work for relocation. The archival collections, previously on-site at the Archives, have gone into storage outside the borough of Doncaster and as such are inaccessible. Although we cannot carry out any enquiry work from the archives records we can offer advice and assistance with your general enquiries.

Get in touch with Doncaster Archives by email on for enquiries relating to research or archival records and we’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Introduction to the Archives

Doncaster Archives collects and preserves the Doncaster district's heritage of historial documents and makes it available to members of the public in its reading room.

It has air-conditioned and humidity-controlled strongrooms, with well over a mile of shelving, storing records ranging in date over eight hundred years from the 1190s to the 2000s. Amongst them are records of businesses, charities, courts, churches, hospitals, schools, local authorities, political parties, trade unions, local societies and smaller collections of records of all descriptions. 

On your first visit: If you are not a member of Doncaster Library & Information Service, it will be necessary to register you upon arrival. To do this, we will need a proof of identity. This should be an official document which includes both your name and address: a driving licence, council tax or other bill, for example.

Booking a seat: It would be advisable to give us notice of your visit. The reading room can get very busy, especially during holiday periods, and it would be useful to be able to guarantee you a seat, especially if you are coming from a distance to visit the archives.

Where to find us: Please visit the following website to view a location map for Doncaster Archives. Doncaster Archives is situatied off the Balby Road, a mile from the centre of Doncaster and about a mile and a quarter from the A1(M)

Visitors by Car: Balby Road forms part fo the A630 Doncaster to Rotherham road and is readily accessible from the A1(M) and the M18. The A630 has an intersection with the A1(M) two miles north of junction 2 on the M18. Balby Road is a dual carrageway. Visitors arriving from the direction of the town centre should turn right (there is a filter lane) at the first traffic lights after the elaborate junction where Cleveland Street and Green Dyke Lane meet to form Balby Road and drive down Mansfield Road. A left turn into Littlemoor Lane (which becomes Florence Avenue) and later a left turn into King Edward Road will bring you to Doncaster Archives. Ample parking space is available in the yard next to the building.

Visitors by Bus: numbers 10, 15, 16, 19, & X78 (First Buses), X20, 22, 220, & 221 (Stagecoach), and 18 (Powell's) leave the Frenchgate Interchange next to the station at frequent intervals and follow the A630 out of town. Visitors should alight at Westfield Park, cross the road and walk away from town. King Edward Road is the third road on the right.The number 14 (First Buses), though not frequent, serves a particularly convenient stop at the corner of Florence Avenue and King Edward Road. The number 72 / 73 (First Buses) circular service stops near the western end of Florence Avenue, a quarter of a mile away from the Archives  

Use of laptop computers: Please note that whilst you may use your laptop in the reading room of Doncaster Archives, it must have a valid portable appliance test (PAT) certificate if you intend to run it from the mains electricity supply.

Ordering copies of archival documents: It is possible to order photocopies of many of the documents in our care, but some are subject to certain restrictions (for example, we are unable to provide copies of parish register entries). In the first instance, we ask that you contact us directly to find out whether a document is suitable for copying, and also to obtain a quote for the provision of a copy. Once you have done this, please complete a photocopy request form (available on the right-hand side of this page) and send it to us with the appropriate payment.

Photography is no longer permitted in the reading room at Doncaster Archives free of charge: a fee of 50p per picture taken was introduced on 3 January 2017. Anyone intending to take photographs of documents held at Doncaster Archives should inform a member of staff beforehand.

Information about the wide range of records available at Doncaster Archives: If you would like to view information about Doncaster Archives' holdings, then visit either the Archives' Online Catalogue or The National Archives' Discovery website. These resources allow you to access brief descriptions of all the major holdings of Doncaster Archives as well as full catalogues of the records of many of the archives available, including businesses, courts, hospitals and landed estates. We also have a separate Place Name Index, and further information about our collections can be found on on the Family and Local History Alphabet page.

Family historians might like to download a copy of the South Yorkshire Family History Guide (please see the document on the left-hand side of this this page), which provides a broad overview of the principal genealogical resources to be found at the archive and local studies services in Doncaster, Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley: church, chapel and cemetery registers, trade directories and probate records. A further section describes some of the ever-increasing range of internet and other electronic sources available within the library services of the four South Yorkshire local authorities.

Research service: If you are unable to visit Doncaster Archives in person, you might like to take advantage of our in-house research service, which is able to carry out historical research on your behalf, at cost. Details of the current charges relating to this service can be accessed by clicking the link on the left-hand side of this page.

Preservation: If you have, or know of, any written records which you think should be preserved for posterity, please contact Doncaster Archives for help and advice.

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