Internet & Computer Access in Libraries

Computer facilities available to the public

Library members can have free internet access for two hours a day, after which access costs £1.00 per hour or part thereafter. If you are a visitor to Doncaster, then you can join as a guest member, internet access costs 50p for the first 30 minutes after which access costs £1.00 per hour or part thereafter. (this charge excludes under 16's or exempt borrowers).

Why do we provide access to the Internet?
We provide access to the Internet in keeping with our role as a provider of information, education, recreation and cultural enrichment opportunities for our users.
We consider that it is in the interests of library users and the free flow of information that we manage web provision with the minimum of filtering software. However, users should be aware that Doncaster Council monitors Internet use and some websites will be blocked.

Who can use the internet?

Any library member can use the Internet. However:

  •  - all Internet users must agree with our Acceptable Use Policy and declare this on screen.

  •  - a parent or guardian of children aged under 16 must give their agreement to allow the child to use the Internet

  •  - the responsibility for overseeing the material accessed by a child, as with all other library material, remains with the parent or guardian. 

  •  - a parent or carer must remain with children under the age of 7 while they access the Internet.

  •  - short-term visitors to Doncaster may pay to use the Internet.

What services do we provide?

We provide access to the Internet, although some sites are blocked due to their unacceptable content and the fact that the computers are situated in a public area. 

  •  - Users can set up their own web based e-mail account

  •  - Scanners

  •  - Microsoft Office 2010

How much does it cost?

  •  - Use of the Internet is free for members for the first two hours then costs £1.00 per hour or part thereafter. Guest members pay 50p for the first 30 minutes then costs £1.00 per hour or part thereafter (this charge excludes under 16's or exempt borrowers).

  •  - Rewritable CDs, if required, cost 60p each.

  •  - Printouts of information cost:

                                        • A4 Black/White- Central Library only - 10p
                                         A4 Black/White- Branch Libraries - 20p*
                                         A4 Colour - 50p*

*Please note that printing charges may vary across our community-led libraries

Downloading Information

  •  - Users can download information on to a writable CD, either their own or they can be purchased in the library if necessary.

  •  - Users can also use their own memory sticks.

IT Courses

  •  - Some Libraries have courses run by AFCL and the WEA. You can visit our Events page to see courses that are currently running in Doncaster Libraries or you can contact a library directly.

  • - More information about some useful free resources can be found on the Lifelong Learning in Libraries page.

Internet Policy - Computer Use Agreement

Please see the Internet Policy document attached to this page.

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