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Jobseekers' information

A Jobseekers' Guide

The Library Service produces A Jobseeker's guide to help you find suitable vacancies. 

It lists the newspapers and journals available in the Central Reference Library that advertise job vacancies. It is arranged in subject order so you can find which titles have job adverts for specific types of work (e.g. construction) and it gives the day of the week that newspapers publish jobs for particular sectors. 

The guide also includes vacancy websites and contacts for further information and advice.

Please see the Job Seekers Guide document attached to this page.

How can libraries help with job searching?

Recruitment Newspapers:

Included in the range of newspapers and journals outlined in the Jobseeker's Guide (above), are newspapers carrying job vacancies.

The Reference Library has journals aimed at people thinking of emigrating. Books are also available on working and living abroad.

Use of Computers:

Computers are available in every library and can be used to type up your CV, search the Internet for jobs and download application forms. If you need access to email you can set up a free account using the library's computers.

Business directories

The Reference Library's business information resources can be used to find contacts for potential employers and to carry out background research in preparation for a job interview. Staff are available to assist in using these and to help with further research on the Internet.

Training courses

If you need to gain qualifications or brush up your skills, libraries have access to information on courses and where to get further guidance on learning and work.

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