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This service delivers great music, compatibility with lots of devices and simplicity of use.  

Registered members of Doncaster Libraries can now download 5 Music tracks each week, and stream 3 hours each day FREE  via the Freegal Music App available in the Apple® App Store and Google Play® or via a PC at the Freegal website. The service also has over 40,000 popular music videos for download in the MP4 format but uses 2 of your 5 download allowance for each one. 



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Using Freegal

eBooks & eAudiobooks eBooks & eAudiobooks

Use Cloud Library on many devices. 

The set-up is simple – download the app, log in once with your Doncaster library card, and then you are set to read e-books anytime, anywhere!  



Coming on the 3rd June!

On 3rd June a new look CloudLibrary app interface will go live. You will not have to uninstall and reinstall the app, you just need to make sure that you have the latest version installed to see the update. Some customers will have to close out of the app to see the new interface.  

A user guide to the new interface is available here: CloudLibrary App User Guide

A Video guide to the new interface is available here: CloudLibrary App Video Guide

More eBooks & eAudiobooks More eBooks & eAudiobooks

Borrow Box - Audio books

BorrowBox now includes a selection of eBooks as well as eAudio books with easy access via the Borrow Box app available from your usual app store. Visit the Borrowbox page for more information.

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