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Book Break- Shared reading groups

Book Break- Shared reading groups

Shared Reading is a group session that takes place weekly for about an hour. The group leader reads aloud a poem or short story. Group members can also read aloud if they desire, or just listen. The poem and story are then discussed and this will often spark connection, reflection, and discovery. Shared reading is a very relaxing and positive experience and is open to all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. It can develop confidence, improve health and wellbeing and reduce social isolation.

Come along and experience for yourself the many benefits and pleasures of reading aloud.

If shared reading appeals to you join us at one of our weekly sessions.

Central Library- Friday at 10.30am

Armthorpe Library- Wednesday at 10.30am

Bentley Library- Friday at 1.30pm

Edlington Library - coming soon

If you have any questions or for further details please contact the Shared Reading Organisers:

Christine Zagraba -

Tel 01302 734308

Helen Foster -

Tel 01302 737997

Further information is available on the website

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