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Doncaster Read for November and December

Our Doncaster Read for November and December, in association with Doncaster Waterstones, features a fantastic array of books telling the story of our very own history and heritage. A story of world record breaking railway locomotives like the Flying Scotsman and the Mallard, built in our Locomotive, Carriage and Wagon works, known locally as ‘The Plant’. A story of fortunes made, of historic houses and communities built up and sent into decline, as a result of the coal deposits beneath our feet. A story of visitors, including royalty, cheering on the winners of the world’s oldest ‘Classic’ horse race, the St Leger, first run in 1776. Above all, a story of power and prestige running through our northern heritage.

Image of a selection of books available as part of this month's Doncaster Read

Just over a year ago, Chancellor George Osborne announced the need for a new ‘Northern Powerhouse’ to try to counter the imbalance between the North and the South. MP for Stockton South, James Wharton, has been put in charge of creating a joint northern economy to compete on a global level. Transport links between the northern towns is seen as the key to its success, with HS2 set to transform the high speed rail links in the UK. With our strong history of engineering, mining and manufacturing we surely know what it takes to be a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ and as for high speed rail….we built the FIRST train to reach 100 mph and the FIRST to reach 126mph here in Doncaster. Nearly a century on, our expertise in this area has again been recognised, with Doncaster being chosen as home to a new National College of High Speed Rail. Why don’t you pick up a book today to find out how it all started….     

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