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This month we talk to Pippa, Libraries Development Supervisor with the community libraries

How long have you worked for Doncaster Libraries?

I’ve worked for Doncaster Libraries for 15 years in various roles. I started out as a library assistant at Central Library in 2003 and then moved to Wheatley as Assistant in charge in 2005. Since then I’ve worked at Askern, Tickhill and Edlington as a supervisor and also as Children’s Librarian before I went off on maternity. I currently work as a Libraries Development Supervisor with the community libraries.


What parts of your job do you enjoy the most?

The books! We really do have an amazingly brilliant and diverse selection throughout the service and anyone who has ever seen the supervisor’s office will know there is always a pile of books waiting for me to take home. I also really enjoy being out in the community with the volunteers. They do a fantastic job with their sites, each being totally unique, but always welcoming. They are always on hand with a smile and a cup of coffee for me and some great advise on any and all subjects (the current being how to do deal with bindweed and ivy in my garden at home!)

Is there any service on offer or event that you would recommend?

The library app is great and is a useful piece of technology that I don’t think gets used enough. It’s easy to use and navigate once installed and the barcode scanner gives you a very quick opportunity to see if we have an item in stock when you’re out and about (and save you some money in the process!).

What’s your favourite book?

Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien (my daughter even has a middle name from the books), though Steven Erikson’s Malazan series is a close second. I grew up on a steady diet of all things Science Fiction & Fantasy and love nothing better than a doorstopper of a space opera or epic fantasy. I love a good historical novel too and always try to read ahead of any book trends that are going on. I enjoy checking out the latest award lists and trying to read at least a couple of the books on most lists. A few stand outs for me this year so far have been “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” by Heather Morris, a really moving story of finding love under horrific circumstances. “Provenance” by Ann Leckie, a stand-alone sci fi novel set in the same world as her award winning Ancillary series. Also “Sing, unburied, sing” by Jesmyn Ward, set in the rural US this has been on various award shortlists over the last year.

If you could invite a famous person (dead or alive) to visit your workplace, who would you choose and why?

J.R.R. Tolkien would be my first choice, he had an amazing life and career and I’d love to find out more about his creation of middle earth and his writing process.  Also Nail Gaiman and Kate Mosse as well as both are great authors but also brilliant advocates for reading and engaging people with books and literacy. Obviously I wouldn’t say no if Tom Hiddleston asked me out for a drink!

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