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Hi Vis Fortnight - 1st - 14th June


1st -14th June is Hi Vis Fortnight

Hi Vis is the celebration of accessible library services and alternative formats and it is aimed to raise awareness of the range of library services that are available to visually impaired people to access!

This year we will be championing accessible digital library services, alternative formats, and service providers that deliver reading to those for whom standard print is not an option.



Our online eBook and Audiobook services have amazing accessibility and inclusivity features!
You can enlarge and change the font colour to suit your needs or change the speed at which an audiobook is read as well as many other features.
Overdrive is one of our newest services which offers a selection of eBooks and audiobooks. Overdrive can be access from your web browser but you can also download their awesome app called "Libby".
Libby and the Overdrive website have a fantastic range of accessible features. The website is compatible with screen readers on both desktop computers and mobile devices, you can change the font size when reading on Libby and through a browser, and change the speed at which audiobooks are read aloud.
Borrowbox also has a fantastic selection of eBooks and audiobooks so don't forget to check both services! As with Overdrive, Borrowbox also has fantastic accessibility features. As well as being able to change font size and play-back speed, the BorrowBox app is also optimised to work with Apple's VoiceOver function, meaning ANY ebook can be read aloud!

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