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Whilst our libraries have restricted opening times, we have temporarily changed our online joining procedure: Please complete your details in the form below in order to join the library and receive your membership number and PIN. If you are already a library member and require help accessing your account online or our resources, please email

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This service is for new members only. Please do not fill in the form above if you already have a library membership card. 

If you are already a library member and require help accessing your account online or our resources, please email

Whilst our libraries are closed, we are temporarily changing our online joining procedureOnce you have submitted your details, we will email you with your Card Number and this will allow access to our online resources*. We will email with your card number within 2 working days.

This membership allows full access to Doncaster Library's online resources while we are closed. Once libraries start to re-open you will need to come into the library and provide proof of name and address and to collect the library card issued to you. If the library card is not collected then your membership may be de-activated. 

Your Data

We request personal information from you as part of our public task to deliver library services.  Your information will be used to create and manage your library membership.  We will not use your personal data for any other reason or share it with others unless we need to do so by law e.g. to prevent or detect crime.

Sometimes we have to share your information with a third party, for example, if we work with others or have contracted a third party to deliver a service on our behalf, but only the minimum information necessary will be shared. We keep your information in line with our retention policies. 

For further information about how long we keep the information, how we process personal data, your rights under data protection, and contacting the Data Protection Officer, please see our Privacy Notice web page at

If you have provided your email address, we will use this to send you alerts when your reservations are ready for collection, reminders to renew or return items you have borrowed. 

Your information will normally be deleted from the library system when you cease to be a member.  However, if you are in credit/debit to the library service, your information will be retained until the account is cleared, up to a maximum period of 6 years.

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