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Ordnance Survey Maps

Ordnance Survey Maps

Maps in the Archives

For estate, enclosure and other specially-prepared maps, see the webpage on Maps before the Ordnance Survey.

The earliest Ordnance Survey (OS) of the Doncaster area was on the 1 inch to 1 mile scale made in 1840-1841, where the district forms the lower half of sheet 87. The next survey was taken on the 6 inch scale in 1848-1849 and published in 1854. There are eleven sheets for the Doncaster area. This was resurveyed from the 1890s up to 1932.

At the same time as the OS was making its revisions of the 6-inch survey, it was also producing a survey on a 25-inch scale. In this survey, the area covered by each 6-inch sheet was covered by sixteen sheets of the 25-inch. This survey was published between 1892 and 1930. A further edition on this scale was produced in 1957 to 1962.

In addition to the general survey of the area, the OS also made surveys of the town of Doncaster on larger scales. The built-up area of the municipal borough was surveyed on the scale of 5 feet to a mile (published 1852) and on the even larger scale of 1 to 500 (10.56 feet to 1 mile) fifty years later.

Doncaster Archives does not have a complete coverage of the area nor all the editions which the OS has produced, but it has substantial holdings. Please note that most sheets cannot be photocopied as they are too large to do so without damage. For further information about maps, there is B P Hindle, Maps for Local History (Batsford, 1988). A copy is available at Doncaster Archives.

You can access mid-nineteenth century Ordnance Survey maps of the 6-inch scale (or 1:10,560) for any area in the UK on the website


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