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RDdigital Free eMagazine, Newspapers & Comics

We are excited to announce a brand new service to our library members. 

Doncaster library members can now access a wide range of eMagazines, access thousands of newspapers, including newspapers from all over the world, and Comics for FREE.

This new service is called RBdigital – It is a simple to use app for your Phone, Tablet or Computer. It is completely free and available to all our library members. Download the app from your app store, search RBdigital.

Click the button below to head to the RBdigital website

To access Doncaster Libraries RBdigital content simply follow these steps:

1 – Download the RBdigital app to your device

2 - Open the RBdigital app and create an account using your Library member number – YouTube tutorials can be found by clicking here

***Please note. When registering and creating a username the username must be between 4 - 100 characters, can contain letters and numbers and must NOT contain any spaces ***

3 – Once logged in, Go to the Home Page

4 - Select your desired content type

5 - Search for what you want to access, or look at the Most Popular options

6 - Tap 'CHECKOUT'

7 - If you wish to use offline, tap 'DOWNLOAD'

8 - Enjoy your content

Happy Reading!

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