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eAudio:Tombland; C.J. Sansom ; read by Steven Crossley.:2018:Unabridged ed. eAudio Tombland; C.J. Sansom ; read by Steven Crossley.
Author: Sansom, C.J..
Author: Crossley, Steven.
Publication year: 2018
Media class: eAudio
Edition: Unabridged ed.
ISBN: 9781509838448
Downloadable eAudiobook.
Duration: 37:41:00.
Tombland is the seventh novel in C. J. Sansom's number one bestselling Shardlake series. Summer, 1549. Two years after the death of Henry VIII, England is sliding into chaos . . . The nominal king, Edward VI, is eleven years old. His uncle Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, rules as Protector. The extirpation of the old religion by radical Protestants is stirring discontent among the populace while the Protector?s prolonged war with Scotland is proving a disastrous failure and threatens to involve France. Worst of all, the economy is in collapse, inflation rages and rebellion is stirring among the peasantry. Since the old King?s death, Matthew Shardlake has been working as a lawyer in the service of Henry?s younger daughter, the Lady Elizabeth. The gruesome murder of Edith Boleyn, the wife of John Boleyn - a distant Norfolk relation of Elizabeth's mother - which could have political implications for Elizabeth, brings Shardlake and his assistant Nicholas Overton to the summer assizes a
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[Hampshire] : Macmillan Digital Audio, 2018.


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