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The butcher bird; S.D. Sykes
Author: Sykes, S. D.
Publication year: 2015
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9781444785814
Oswald de Lacy is growing up fast in his new position as Lord of Somershill Manor. The Black Death changed many things, and just as it took away his father and elder brothers, so it has taken many of his villagers and servants. However, there is still the same amount of work to be done in the fields, and the few people left to do it think they should be paid more - something the King has forbidden. Just as anger begins to spread, the story of the 'butcher bird' takes flight. People claim to have witnessed a huge creature in the skies; a new-born baby is found impaled on a thorn bush; and then more children disappear. Convinced the bird is just a superstitious rumour, Oswald must discover what is really happening, before things get out of hand.
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London : Hodder & Stoughton, 2015


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