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Happy old me: how to live a long life and really enjoy it; Hunter Davies
Author: Davies, Hunter, 1936-
Publication year: 2019
Classification: 828.9209
ISBN: 9781471173608
Illustrations on lining papers
On 8th February 2016, Margaret Forster lost her life to cancer of the spine. The days that followed for her husband, Hunter Davies, were carried out on autopilot: arrangements to be made, family and friends to be contacted. But how do you cope after you have lost your loved one? How do you carry on? As Hunter navigates what it means to be alone again after 55 years of marriage, coping with bereavement and being elderly, he shares his wisdom and lessons he has learnt living alone again. Revealing his emotional journey over the course of one year, as well as the often ignored practical implications of becoming widowed, he learns that, ultimately, bricks and mortar may change but the memories will remain. 'Happy Old Me' is a fitting, heart-felt tribute to the love of his life and a surprisingly amusing and informative book about an age, and stage in life, which we might all reach someday.
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London : Simon & Schuster, 2019


Entertaining story of an 82 yr old widower who has become very wise.Although wealthy he comes across as down to earth and deserves his happiness.
West Sussex
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