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Doncaster Library Service to Schools offers a comprehensive loan and advisory service to all LEA schools and academies in the area.


Loan Service

Subscribing schools are entitled to the following loan services:

•    Loan Collection - schools are allocated 50 books per class. This collection is loaned for one year and is delivered and collected by the library service. The books are chosen by the young Persons Librarian, but alternatively, they can be picked by members of the school if preferred. 

•    Topic Loans - Topic loans consist of 25 books, which are loaned for one term. They are delivered at the start of term and collected at the end of the term.  


As well as the above resources, the Library Service to Schools also offers the following.


Advisory service

•    General advice on your library 

•    Assist in computerizing your library by working with Micro Librarian 

•    Identifying priorities and gaps in your stock 

•    Advice on reading for pleasure in your school


Add on services - Book promotion

•    Storytelling and activity sessions

•    Book promotion boxes i.e. Author boxes

•    Literacy workshops including looking at different fiction genres and authors 

•    What's in the book -(character, plot, settings, authors, etc.) a six weeks group (1 hour a week)

•    Book groups – once a month for 6 months all based on reading the same book and discussing

•    Making comic groups- 6 week hourly sessions

•    Pupil librarians 

•    Working with teachers and TA’s to  familiarize them with new or different authors 

•    Talking to parent groups about books, libraries and sharing books

•    Making your class library members


Add-on services - Your library

•    Weeding out old and damaged stock 

•    Classify non-fiction 

•    Re-organizing your stock 

•    Book banding free reading books for key stage 2


The Library Service to Schools is located at: 

Central Library 


Doncaster DN3 1JE 


Contact details

Tel: 01302 737991/7


For any more information please do not hesitate to contact us

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