Tithe Awards

Tithe Awards

Tithes were a tax of one tenth of the produce of the land. This was originally paid by the parish for the upkeep of the church and its clergy. This situation was complicated by the dissolution of religious houses in the sixteenth century. Many of them had been given by benefactors the right to collect tithes in particular parishes. 

The right to collect tithes was then sold off along with the monastic property, and passed out of the hands of religious bodies into the possession of laymen. Such owners were known legally as 'lay improprietors'. The tithes of the parish of Doncaster passed in this way into private hands.

Disputes over the assessment and collection of tithes, often fuelled by the hostility of Nonconformists to a church tax, were resolved by the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836. This allowed tithes to be changed into a fixed money payment, and involved the making of an award which identified the landowners and the property which they owned. The majority of awards were made in the decade after 1836. 

The history of the subject is covered by Eric J Evans, Tithes and the Tithe Commutation Act, 1836 (Bedford Square Press, 1978). A copy is available at Doncaster Archives.

Tithe awards have a similar use for local and family historians as enclosure awards in identifying names and landholdings. They also have the advantage of dealing with all the land in a parish, which is not always the case with enclosure awards.


Place   Date of Award   Original or Copy   Is a Map Available?   
Adlingfleet   1844   original   yes   
Adlingfleet   1844   copy   copy, yes   
Adwick le Street   1846   original   yes   
Adwick upon Dearne - see Wath      
Barnburgh   1839   original   yes   
Billingley   1839   original   yes   
Braithwell   1840   original   yes   
Bramley   1840   original   yes   
Brampton Bierlow - see Wath      
Clifton, Crookhill and Butterbusk   1840   original   yes   
Conisbrough, Firsby, Woodlaithes, and Flanderwell   1858   original   yes   
Conisbrough Parks   1848   original   yes   
Cowick - see Snaith      
Darfield   1839   original   yes   
Denaby   1840   original   yes   
Eastoft   1839   original   yes   
Eastoft   1839   copy   copy, yes   
Fockerby   1844   original   yes   
Fockerby   1844   copy   copy, yes   
Goole   1842   original   yes   
Haldenby   1842   original   yes   
Hatfield   1841   original   no   
Hatfield   1841   copy   copy, yes   
Hellaby - see Stainton      
High Melton   1847   original  yes   
Hook   1843   original   yes   
Houghton, Great   1840   original   yes   
Houghton, Little   1840   original   yes   
Hoyland see Wath      
Kirk Bramwith and Moss   1843   original   yes   
Kirk Sandall   1846   copy   

copy, yes   

Mexborough   1839   original   yes   
Owston   1842   copy   yes   
Rawcliffe   1842   original   yes   
Rossington   1839   original   yes   
Skellow   1839   copy   yes   
Snaith and Cowick   1840   original   yes   
Sprotbrough   1847   original   yes   
Stainton with Hellaby   1840   original   yes, Hellaby only   
Sutton   1838   original   yes   
Sutton   1838   copy   no   
Sutton   1859   original   yes   
Swinton see Wath      
Thorne   1840   copy   copy, yes   
Thorpe in Balne   1843   copy   yes   
Thurnscoe   1839   original   yes   
Tickhill   1848   original   yes   
Trumfleet   1841   copy   copy, yes   
Wath upon Dearne etc.   1841   original   yes, Adwick upon Dearne only   
Wentworth  see Wath      
Whitgift   (1847)   original, map only   yes 



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