Withdrawal of Records from the Archives

How to Withdraw Your Records

A depositor may temporarily withdraw his/her records at any time, having given reasonable notice of their intent to the Record Office.

A depositor may permanently withdraw their records at any time, provided notice is given to the Record Office. During this period of notice, the Council reserves the right to copy the records and to make these copies available for private research.

However, as the period of a long-term loan is understood to be a minimum of 50 years, a depositor permanently withdrawing records before this time may be required to contribute towards the costs incurred by the Council in storing, listing and conserving these records. Where records are withdrawn for sale, the Council requires first refusal to purchase the collection.

Temporary Withdrawal of Parish Records from Doncaster Archives

Parish records, so long as not embargoed under the Data Protection Act 1998 and including no more thatn seven registers, may be withdrawn by PCCs from Doncaster Archives on four weeks' notice for a period of up to one week, providing that these same records are not handled when on display, are insured against any damage sustained during the loan period, are protected when on display and locked securely away at other times, and are displayed with captions stating that they may be viewed all year round at Doncaster Archives. No more than four sets of parish records may be on loan at the same time.


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